Metadata: Central Government Operations

The Data: Coverage, Periodicity, and Timeliness

Coverage characteristics

5.1.1 Statistical presentation

Data on central government operations are disseminated in millions of rubles and cover operations on budgetary accounts of central government units and the Social Protection Fund of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus (SPF).

Resources of other extrabudgetary funds, as well as proceeds from extrabudgetary activities of organizations supported by the budget, are not included in central government operations.

The financial year is the same as the calendar year.

Data are disseminated on:

  • revenue;
  • expenditure;
  • balance (deficit/surplus);
  • financing, broken down into:
    • domestic bank financing;
    • domestic nonbank financing;
    • foreign financing.


4.1.1 Periodicity



4.1.2 Timeliness

Not later than 31 days after the end of the reference month.

Access by the Public

Advance dissemination of release calendar

5.1.3 Advance release calendar

The release dates for the current month and the upcoming three months are posted on the following webpage of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus: Calendar

Simultaneous release to all interested parties

5.1.4 Simultaneous release

Fiscal data are available to all users simultaneously.


Dissemination of terms and conditions under which official statistics are produced, including those relating to the confidentiality of individually identifiable information

0.1.1 Responsibility for collecting, processing, and disseminating statistics

Ministry of Finance
The Ministry of Finance is responsible for dissemination of the fiscal data central government operations.

The compilation and dissemination of the budget execution data are conducted in accordance with the terms and conditions established in the following legislation:

  • Budget Code (No. 412-Z of July 16, 2008);
  • Law on Accounting and Reporting (Law No. 42-Z of June 25, 2001);
  • Law on Local Government and Self-government in the Republic of Belarus (Law No. 108-Z of January 4, 2010);
  • Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus on the Approval of the External Government Loans and the External Loans Guaranteed by the Government Regulation (edict No. 252 of April 18, 2006);
  • Regulation of the Ministry of Finance on Approval of the Budget Classification of the Republic of Belarus (Regulation No.208 of December 31, 2008).

This legislation provides adequate support for the production of data on central government operations.

0.1.3 Confidentiality of individual reporters' data

Ministry of Finance
The confidentiality of data reported is protected by the following laws:

  • Law on State Statistics (law No. 345-Z of November 28, 2004);
  • Law on Civil Service (law No. 204-Z of June 14, 2003).

0.1.4 Ensuring statistical reporting

Ministry of Finance
Budget Code enforces each administrator of the budgetary funds to submit to the MoF budget execution reports in accordance with deadlines and periodicity established by the MoF. Budget Code also states that the MoF has to prepare and submit to the Government – by the March 1 – republican budget execution report. The Government submits this report to the President for presentation to the Parliament no later than five months after the last day of the fiscal year.

1.1.3 Commenting on erroneous interpretation and misuse of statistics

Ministry of Finance
The MoF is empowered to respond to misinterpretation and/or misuse of fiscal data. In case of misinterpretation or misuse, the MoF prepares and disseminates explanatory notes to help correct the mistakes/misuses of the data.

1.2.1 Disclosure of terms and conditions for statistical collection, processing, and dissemination

Ministry of Finance
The public has unimpeded access to the Budget Code and the broad legal framework for collection, compilation, and dissemination of the fiscal data.

1.3.1 Guidelines for staff behavior

Ministry of Finance
The ethical standards guiding staff behavior are:
(a) the Law on Civil Service in the Republic of Belarus,
(б) the labor contracts provisions, and
(в) functions and responsibilities of the MoF staff.

Identification of internal government access to data before release

1.2.2 Internal governmental access to statistics prior to release

Ministry of Finance
No agency outside the Ministry of Finance has access to data prior to publication

Provision of information about revision and advance notice of major changes in methodology

4.3.1 Revision schedule

Data may be preliminary when first released. Generally, revised data are published in the next publication.

4.3.2 Identification of preliminary and/or revised data

If data are preliminary, special comments and/or footnotes are added. Generally, revised data are published in the following publication.

1.2.4 Advance notice of major changes in methodology, source data, and statistical techniques.

Ministry of Finance
The public is informed of major changes in methodology through the publication of new legislative acts.


Dissemination of documentation on methodology and sources used in preparing statistics

5.2.1 Dissemination of documentation on concepts, scope, classifications, basis of recording, data sources, and statistical techniques

The main regulatory documents are:

  • Annual Laws on the Republican Budget (e.g. law 95-Z of December 31, 2013);
  • Regulation of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus on Approval of the Budget Classification of the Republic of Belarus (regulation No.208 of December 31, 2008).

These documents are available (in Russian) on the website of the National Center of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus:

(See also  summary methodology)


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